Funding for this program (and additional funding for the Downpayment Assistance Program) has been approved by the Community Preservation Committee and Town Meeting. We will begin accepting applications for this program starting July 1st.

This program is designed to provide home improvement assistance to rehabilitate low/moderate income owner-occupied dwellings, including those with up to four (4) units with low/moderate income tenants. The type of work which can be accomplished under the Housing Rehabilitation Program includes, but is not limited to: roofing, foundation repair, installation of energy efficient windows and doors, insulation, accessibility improvements, plumbing, electrical repair or replacement, septic, water supply, lead paint removal, exterior paint, etc.

     Elimination of building code violations will be given first priority. The scope of each project will be determined by the GBAHTF, in concert with the Town Building Inspector and the Property Owner.

The loan will be secured by a 0%-interest deferred payment loan (DPL). Homebuyers must agree to repay the loan in full when the house is sold or transferred, unless the selling price is lower than 95% ofthe original purchase price of the house.

Housing Rehabilitation Program

Goals of the Program

• Assist low/moderate income owner-occupants in maintaining safe and sanitary dwelling units through the elimination of building code violations;

•  Encourage the preservation of existing housing stock through rehabilitation;

•  Prevent neighborhood blight and deterioration.

Income Limits per Household   

(80% of HUD Median Family Income)

1 person - $44,800          

2 person - $51,200          

3 person - $57,600          

4 person - $64,000          

5 person - $69,159  
6 person - $74,240
7 person - $79,400        
8 person - $84,500 

Participating lenders

• Berkshire Bank — Contact Louann Harvey: 413-644-3537

• Greylock Federal Credit Union — Contact Erin Carlotto: 413-347-6114

• Lee Bank — Contact Bonnie Masefield: 413-243-9290

• The Pittsfield Cooperative Bank — Contact Frances Premerlani: 413- 629-1635

• Salisbury Bank — Contact Spring Burke: 860-596-2533

• Village Mortgage — Contact Alesia Warner: 860-806-0009