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This is not a GBAHTF project. Funding for this project is a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development through Bailey Boyd Associates. The program will be administered by Dawn Lemon at Berkshire Community Development. Download the preapplication form here.

     For more information, contact Dawn at 413-528-0104.

Housing Rehabilitation Program

  The Towns of Great Barrington has funds available and is seeking applicants for a new regional housing rehabilitation program grant. Contact Dawn by calling the phone number above.

  The funding is provided by the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development and allows a 0% interest, deferred, forgivable loan to make critical repairs to your home.   

  This program is designed to improve existing housing conditions of low and moderate-income resident households by eliminating code violations.  Eligible repair activities will include, but not be limited to, electrical, heating and plumbing work; minor structural repairs; roof and siding repairs; insulation and window replacement; lead paint and asbestos removal; and handicap accessibility improvements.    


Preliminary eligibility is defined as homeowner who meets the initial eligibility requirements, as laid out in the pre-application, in order to qualify to begin the housing rehabilitation application process. Final eligibility is determined after the fully completed loan application and all supporting documentation is received, reviewed and accepted by the Program Manager.

Applicants: This program is offered to owner-occupied single-family/multi-family and investor owned units.   If the structure is a single-family owner occupied unit, the owner must meet income guidelines of low to moderate income.   If the structure contains year round rental units, at least 51% of all the households including rental units/renters must meet these income limits.   The applicant must be the property owner of record for the proposed residential structure.  Please refer to the table for income levels based on household size.

Income Limits per Household   

1 person - $55,800          

2 person - $63,800          

3 person - $71,750          

4 person - $79,700          

5 person - $86,100  


Structures: The primary purpose of the deferred payment loan program is to bring deteriorated residential units into compliance with all applicable Federal, State and Local codes. To be eligible, a structure or portion thereof must be residential and contain one or more code violations. 


How the Program Works: Funds are available so call Dawn at 413-528-010 to request an application. Or download it from this page. Once you are accepted a Housing Rehab Specialist will conduct a site visit with you and develop a detailed work write-up and cost estimate.  The program staff will put your project out to bid, secure multiple bids from pre-qualified local contractors and then you will determine which contractor to use. 

      The Housing Rehab Program will oversee the contractor and will pay them directly once you, the homeowner, have agreed that the work is done to written specifications. 


Funding Mechanism — Deferred Payment Forgivable Loans

The Housing Rehabilitation Program offers Deferred-Payment Loans (DPFL) to finance the rehabilitation of eligible projects.  The maximum loan is $50,000 per unit to address code violations. The DPFL is secured by a lien placed on the property for a period of 15 years.   The interest rate is 0%.  The loan will be forgiven at a rate of 1/15th per year.  The loans do not require monthly loan payments.  If a property is sold or transferred within the 15-year period after rehabilitation completion, the funds will be recaptured on a prorated basis. After the 15-year recapture period expires, the loan is forgiven.  This is done so that investors do not use these funds and then sell the home for a profit in less than 15-years.

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